What is The JerVin

Jervin is a device that helps a boater bring his boat into a boat slip or a dock under difficult wind and/or current conditions and can also be used to help dock a boat when one is on the boat alone. The device is easily transported and can be set up for use in less than 2 minutes without the need for any tools other than an Allen wrench.

A simple solution to an age old problem


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The Jervin story

Jerry and Vinny have been friends for almost 50 years. They met as lawyer and client. Jerry was the lawyer who loved cars and loved to work on them. Vinny owned a body shop and loved his boat. It was his place to escape, to be on the water, to unwind after a hard week at the shop.

A lawyer client relationship quickly became a friendship. They invested in real estate together, went to their children’s weddings and even had their first grandchild born on the same date, November 15, 2006.

But a love for boats and cars was the genesis of the Jervin Boat Docker. I guess you figured out how the name Jervin came about. That’s right, JERry and VINny.

Jerry had use of a bay in one of Vinny’s shops where he worked on cars. One day Vinny comes to Jerry with a drawing on a piece of paper and a story about how difficult it is to get your boat into a slip even when the weather conditions are ideal. Jerry takes the drawing home and that night studies it. The next day he presents Vinny with a different way to possibly accomplish the end result he is looking for. Vinny raises some issues with Jerry’s design but likes the concept.

Over a period of a couple of weeks the design is modified and a crude working model is built that seems to accomplish the desired end result.

The pair believe they have stumbled onto something so Jerry does a quick search to see if anything like their design has already been invented. Finding nothing they decide to hire a patent attorney to further investigate and to file the necessary documents to acquire a utility patent.

In the meantime they continued to “perfect” their design and decided to name their invention the Jervin Boat Docker. The United States Patent Office eventually issued two utility patents to Jerry and Vinny. Jervin Industries, Inc. was formed and the patents were licensed to the company. 

A manufacturer has been secured and the Jervin Boat Docker is now ready to be sold to the boating public.

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